Friday, August 03, 2012

Data Shows Certain Doom for the Modern Republican Party

From AlterNet:

A Daily Kos diarist did a pretty cool demographic analysis of Texas this week and discovered that the Lone Star State is going to be a purple swing state by 2024 and will have a Democratic lean by 2028 at the latest. You can play with the Electoral College calculator to see what this means. But, trust me, is spells certain doom for the current incarnation of the Republican Party. My interpretation of this information is that we can put an expiration date on the current madness we are witnessing. Like milk gone bad, the electorate will no longer consider drinking what the GOP is offering by sometime in the next decade.

More here.

I was talking about exactly this yesterday when I was musing on the Tea Party guy in Texas who got the GOP US Senate nomination: unless the Republican Party radically changes itself such that they become more appealing to Hispanics, Texas is fated to become a Democratic state. Sure, it's possible that Republicans can figure it out before then, but, I think, highly unlikely. The Republicans are currently being driven, to a large extent, by Tea Party activists, and the Tea Party absolutely loves to hate on people with darker-than-white skin who speak Spanish. So I just don't see a way out of this for the GOP.

Of course, as the above linked article observes, Texas is so big, and consequently has so many electoral votes, that once my home state becomes dominated by Democrats, it's over for the Republicans as a national party. That all important conclusion simply hasn't occurred to me until now. So I'm a bit awe struck at the moment: the Republicans are doomed to national irrelevancy, and the state where I was born will cause their downfall. I mean, kicking out the GOP is good for Texas in itself, what with its extraordinarily high population of uninsured, its high levels of employment in the shitty low-wage no-benefit service sector, and on and on. But Texas is going to kill the Republican Party.

Can I start being proud now?