Monday, August 20, 2012


From AlterNet:

Krugman Slams Newsweek's "Unethical" Obama-Bashing Cover

It goes on like that, in a piece so glaringly flagrant that even British gossip site the Daily Mail was disturbed by how far it reached. One thing Krugman doesn't note, however: Ferguson makes the stomach-turning assertion that only half of Americans actually pay taxes, whereas the other half, he implies, lives off welfare and other government benefits. Though Ferguson is employed by the most prestigious academic institution in the country, he is spewing unfounded, non-factual numbers that have a direct root in Tea Party hysteria and Fox News "reporting" when in reality, about all of the country's citizens pay about 40 percent in taxes across the board.

More here.

And here's the Newsweek cover:

There are lots of good reasons to criticize the Obama administration. Apparently, Newsweek hits on none of them, and opts instead for bullshit right-wing talking points. Krugman, according to the AlterNet essay, nails the blatantly false claims about Obamacare, but that Newsweek would run as its cover story what essentially amounts to Republican propaganda tells us everything we need to know about the "liberal media." That is to say, there is no "liberal media." I mean sure, there's The Nation, and Daily Kos, and ZNet, all that kind of thing that you have to search for awhile before you find it. But the notion that the mainstream media are somehow liberal is just laughable, given how it is so easily refuted--the corporate media, as Noam Chomsky and Edward Hermann deftly illustrated many years ago, consistently favor a corporate and establishment oriented point of view, almost never taking the "liberal" side, unless, of course, it also happens to be the corporate or establishment side.

Of course, I'm not saying that Obama is a liberal, far from it, but he is what passes for liberal in the mainstream these days. If the media really were liberal, they'd be sucking his dick, not running cover stories designed to get him booted from office. Such bias is rarely so obvious, but here you go.