Tuesday, September 04, 2012


My old pal Stephen is clearly an intelligent guy. He's also deeply conservative, which doesn't at all have to rule out being smart. So I'd really like to know what kind of mental gymnastics he has to do in order to honestly believe that the economically conservative President Obama is actually a Marxist. No doubt, I'll never get the answer from him. As you'll see in just a moment.

First, Stephen posted a quote from an article he then links:

"[A commitment to Marxism and Anti-Colonialism] is the heart and soul of today's Democrat party, more publicly revealed to America now then ever before, as more and more Democrats have felt free under Obama to drop their mask, and reveal their inner Che. What is now revealed is America's Democrat party as one of the most left-wing political parties in the entire world. That is why it is no longer a respectable institution that ordinary Americans can support, with their votes, their volunteer time, and their contributions."

Needless to say, this is very probably the most absurd and false statement uttered seriously that I have ever encountered in American politics. Here are some highlights from the discussion thread that followed the quote:

Daniel Stephen do you really in your heart believe this stuff, here is a quote from the article. You think the POTUS is a Manchurian Candidate...... " Barack Obama is not just a communist infiltrator. He is communist royalty, born and bred. He hails from a self-professed communist Kenyan as his father, and from an anti-American 1960s hippie as his mother."

Stephen What part of that is false? His absent father, whom he idolized, was a Communist. The mentor of his teen years, Frank Marshall Davis, was an unabashed Communist and published journalist. His mother and her family were Leftists. The only non-Leftist in his upbringing was his Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, whose fondness for capitalism and success while working for the oil companies, his mother rejected. From there, Rashid al-Mansour, Edward Said, Roberto Unger, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers....

0bama isn't "Manchurian": there has been nothing secret about any of this. Read his biography (few did, it seems), and you'll see that he's fairly open about it. Or if you have no time for that, go see the movie "2016: Obama's America", hear the narration, excerpted from the audio-book version of "Dreams from My Father" very helpfully recorded by 0bama himself, and any doubt as to his influences and, more importantly, that he still adheres to the lessons they imparted, will melt.

Ronald Stephen, you continue to descend into self-parody. Again, and I keep saying this to all these deluded conservatives who don't seem to understand the definitions of socialism and capitalism, I am much, much, much closer to being a socialist than Obama. Indeed, you can call me a social democrat if you want, and I won't even try to correct you because you'd be mostly right. I didn't vote for him in 2008 because he's NOT a socialist, and I'm very inclined to vote Green again this year, but voting for "0bama" makes conservatives froth with rage, and that might be hard to pass up. At any rate, actual socialists continue to be perplexed about all this.

Stephen Thanks for the insult, Ron, but thanks for not disappointing: it's all I've come to expect from the Left. The simple fact is that if the American Democrats were a European party, the word "socialist" would actually appear on the label. You can pretend that they are still the party of Stevenson and Kennedy (comma Jack), or even Clinton (comma Bill), all you want, but that ship has sailed. You go to war with the army you have, not the army you want, and the Democrat generals are 0bama, Pelosi, and Reid -- although Reid, like Biden, is just a tool.

Ronald Hmmm. I wasn't being insulting; I was accurately describing the situation. The Democrats in Europe would be a conservative party, just as they are in the US, but further to the right. That you would even suggest otherwise is to reveal a deep ignorance of European politics. And that's the only way to push the Obama-the-Socialist joke: maintain deep ignorance of basic political theory. Personally, I would LOVE a return of the ideals of Adlai and Jack, because they were actual liberals, certainly not socialists, but liberals for sure. What we have today isn't even a shadow of the glory days of American liberalism. Why don't you conservatives just admit that you've won the establishment so resoundingly since the 70s that even the Democrats are right wing, excluding of course the social issues? Face it, Stephen, there is no longer a liberal party in the US that has a snowball's chance of winning even a statewide office.

Also, sorry if you find this to be insulting. I don't know what else to say when someone dares me to act like what they've told me isn't a total absurdity.
The conservatives really are starting to lose it. Otherwise intelligent people are now reduced to drooling, gibbering, ranting bullshit. Pretending that this shit is somehow acceptable in public discourse is insulting to the entire human race. We can't let it stand without aggressive resistance. Unfortunately, that just pisses off the conservatives, and if there's one thing conservatives do really well, it's getting pissed off.

Things just might be getting worse on this front.