Friday, October 05, 2012


This was waiting for me on my facebook "timeline" Wednesday night after I got home from work:

Come on Ron! I'm waiting to hear your take on the debate!

Here's my response:

I haven't watched a presidential debate in over a decade. Generally, they drive me batty. They never address the issues I want to hear about. They're always in a format that allows lots of off-topic rambling. They're not even really debates; more like dueling speeches. Moderators always allow candidates to use maximum bullshit. And, as a former high school debater, this crap is just insulting to my intelligence usually. Indeed, "winning" is always in terms of "character" or how the pundits assert that the candidates are perceived by the public. It's all crap.

Now having said that, I did glance at a quickie reaction on a liberal site, and my understanding is that Obama was "lackluster" or some such, which, even though that's a vague and meaningless criticism, is a bit disappointing to me: I've always wanted him to be a fighter, for which our toxic politics really calls these days, but he's just not that, so I shouldn't be surprised.

Here's the article I read:
So I'm not even going to talk about the Obamny media event called a "debate."  Instead, I'm going to offer the latest installment of the Warzone Radio, hosted by my former student Matt.  I join in around 1:35:00 or so.  We mostly talk about Romney's 47% remarks, but, of course, we also drift far and wide.  Fun stuff.

Click here for the show.