Friday, July 12, 2013

Rand Paul's Confederacy Scandal Is Not an Anomaly -- Libertarianism Is a 'Philosophy' That Papers Over Deep Racism in America

From AlterNet:

So, in effect, when conservatives and libertarians say government should get out of the way, what they are really saying is “let’s lock into place white political power, white wealth, and white privilege.

Of course, not all libertarians think of themselves as racist, and most probably don’t see how their “get rid of government” policies prop up institutional bigotry, but the reality is that when you blast government as the root of all evil and neuter its power, you end weakening the one thing that can keep the ruling elite in check.

And when you do that, the rich and powerful race hangs onto its wealth and power and the poorer minorities lose even more of what little they have.

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Libertarianism's fatal flaw has always been that it does not recognize private power.  It's only government power that they fear, either ignorantly, and that's some EXTREME ignorance, too, or knowingly, and therefore cynically and dishonestly.  But however you slice it, this massive hole in logic dooms pretty much all Libertarian "philosophy" from the get-go.  That is, Libertarianism is complete and utter bullshit, and those who embrace it are either stupid or total liars.

And that's what makes Libertarianism so appealing to racists: they're both stupid AND liars.  They offer a "freedom" which allows private power to rush into the vacuum created by the absence of government, which, in turn, allows far more oppression than our Constitutional system currently tolerates.  "Oh, no," they proclaim, "It's not racism when restaurants and hotels are allowed to refuse service to black people; it's FREEDOM.  Freedom may be messy, but that's the price we pay to be free."  

Yeah right.  Here's some better philosophy, which I learned in third grade: if it looks, smells, and tastes like dog shit, then it's very likely dog shit.  There's a reason virtually all racists in this country vote Republican.  The GOP's seemingly race-neutral positions and rationales provide excellent rhetorical cover for oppressing people who aren't white.  It's well past time that they clean up their nasty white trash problem.