Friday, July 19, 2013


From Veracity Stew, courtesy of their facebook presence:

GOP Party Leader Boasts: Voter ID Laws Help to Suppress Votes

The Republican party has not only waged a bold and unprecedented war on women’s rights, but they continue to openly boast about their war on legitimate voters, and are already making plans to use voter suppression tactics in the 2014 midterms…and beyond.

Pennsylvania GOP Party Chairman, Robert Gleason, has been caught on video boasting about how that state used oppressive Voter I.D. restrictions during the 2012 election to help Mitt Romney and other Republican candidates.

Click here for the rest, with video.

We've been hearing Republicans going on and on about "voter fraud" as the ostensible justification for voter ID laws for the last decade or so. Of course, statistically speaking, there is no voter fraud along these lines. Instead, and from time to time they're actually honest about it, it's about making sure "those people" can't vote. Because "those people" vote for the wrong party. That is, it's voter suppression, the new Jim Crow, disenfranchisement of non-white Americans. The kind of thing the Voting Rights Act used to stop. Not anymore.