Friday, August 09, 2013

Breastfeeding Mom Puts Woman Who Asked Her To 'Cover Up' In Her Place


This time, when mom Lucy Eades was asked to cover up at a recreation center in Burleson, Texas, her husband caught the exchange on camera. He then uploaded the footage to the family's popular YouTube channel (you can watch it above). 

According to local ABC affiliate WFAA, the mom of four was nursing her 16-day-old while her older daughter was in dance class. An employee of the Burleson Recreation Center asked her to cover up, but Eades stood up for her rights and continued to nurse. "It is state law, I can nurse my child with or without a cover," she said. 

And, Eades is right: It's legal to breastfeed in public in all 50 states, and Texas is one of 45 states that have laws that specifically allow women to breastfeed in any public or private location.

Eventually, dad spoke up too, and the employee walked away. WFAA reports that Eades was the second mom asked to cover up at the recreation center that day.

More here, with video.

I trained a new waitress at work a few nights ago, a nice girl, less than half my age, and probably a good server.  Early in the shift, she told me about a small controversy that had happened there during lunch that day, while I was at home, as usual, waking up to face the world.  A woman was breastfeeding her infant (gasp!) without any covering (double gasp!).  Apparently, there was discussion about whether to say anything to her about it, but, fortunately, nothing came of it, and the mother was allowed to continue feeding her child unmolested.

Of course, I had to pontificate a bit.  "Look, it kind of weirds me out, too, but I've been thinking about the issue for years now, and I just can't come up with any good reason why a woman shouldn't be able to do this, with or without a covering."

My young trainee was, like, "But you could almost see EVERYTHING."

"Yeah," I replied, "but why is that a problem?"

Another waitress walked by and I asked her to join the conversation because she's a mother of a young child.  Her point of view wasn't too terribly different from my trainee's, which didn't surprise me too much, but I was surprised to find that she also breastfeeds her child.  There seemed to be a consensus between the two women that a woman breastfeeding her child in public, without covering it up, is being indecent in some way.  So I asserted that the only reason this seems "indecent" is because our culture has so sexualized women's breasts that when they're used for their actual biological purpose, everybody thinks it's sexual, which is pretty fucked up.  Needless to say, a woman feeding her baby is NOT sexual.

And that makes US the big perverts.  I say "us" because, as I mentioned above, it disturbs me, too.  But that's my problem.  It's the problem of anybody who gets weirded out by women breastfeeding in public.  It's our problem to deal with and get over.  It is NOT the problem of women simply trying to be good mothers.  I mean, unless perverts who sexualize breastfeeding give them shit about it.  Then it becomes everybody's problem.  But really, it's not the breastfeeding that's the problem.  It's our bizarre and absolutist breast oriented sex fetish that's the problem.

God, we've got a messed up culture.