Saturday, August 10, 2013


I shared this picture meme on facebook earlier this evening with a word or two about its implications:

It's getting increasingly difficult for me to listen to armchair climatologists drone on about some contrarian piece they read in the National Review or saw on Fox making corporate ravaging of the Earth a sacred duty. This is serious. There's a lake at the North Pole.


And a suitably gloomy discussion then broke out.

Cole Well then, I, for one, am gonna party like it's 1999 (get out the gas powered turntables, I'm gonna spin some records). :(

Ronald Yeah. Actually, I think it's already too late. We've destroyed the planet, or, at least, we've destroyed civilization as we understand the term. Meanwhile people who are so into capitalism that they won't accept the science still don't get it, and will probably go to their graves in total denial, even while floods, drought, crop failures, civic unrest, mass poverty and starvation, and on and on, rage around them. I'm glad I don't have any children. It is an awful world we're handing down to future generations. So, all we can do is party.

Ronald Really, it's just so sad.

Cole Should we cease to have children if we were in the process? Or keep going? Does this mean it doesn't matter anymore if I decide to use cloth diapers in the theoretical future, or if I do get knocked up, just use disposables knowing that we are all going to die or our children will live in a post-apocalyptical Cormac McCarthy novel? I'm at a loss as to whether I should bathe like I'm living on a boat, or take really long hot showers everyday. I mean, I still cut up those plastic things that keep six-packs together, for the ocean creatures, but if it's all going to end horribly, I might as well straight up vote for every Sarah Palin that comes down the road just to make it happen faster and get it over it. Sorry. (jk)

Ronald Well, in order to have a meaningful existence, one has to hope that I'm wrong, and live life as though tomorrow will actually be better. But I don't think I'm wrong. Obama is the best the Democrats can produce and he's best buds with BP. It's not going to change. We're stuck in a system that can't change. We're just a bunch of monkeys with guns who finally fucked up big time.

So take long showers. Litter. Spit on the sidewalk. Or recycle and yell at people who don't drive hybrids. In the end, I don't think it matters one way or the other. I hate being so gloomy, but I just don't see things improving.

Ronald Heh. I always used to think it was going to be nuclear war. Of course, that possibility still remains.

Cole Le sigh. I'll recycle, but I'm still gonna hate the Prius.
Yes, this is what I really think, how I really feel.  I try to avoid absolute depression by not thinking about it too much.