Tuesday, September 24, 2013


From the Huffington Post:

Colion Noir, NRA Commentator, Slams Starbucks 'Anti-Gun Stance' Using Gay Comparison

Noir notes:

In the wake of Starbucks coming out of the proverbial anti-gun closet-- yes, I said anti-gun -- because when you request that I don’t bring my gun with me into your store, that’s an anti-gun stance. Think about it. If you said, ‘We’re not pro- or anti-gay but please all gay people -- we respectfully ask that you not bring your ‘gayness’ into the store. I mean, we’ll still serve you, but, if you can leave the gayness at the door, we would much appreciate it.’ Now if that’s what they said I highly doubt Tom Ford would go start designing a black Tuscan coffee signature cologne in support of this stance.
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Ordinarily, I would just ignore this one.  It's clearly a stupid fucking argument.  But I couldn't pass up the irony here.  I mean, of course, conservatives don't understand irony, really, but that's what makes them always fall into it, just as this guy does.  

When racism or homophobia occurs, generally, it's a powerful group oppressing a relatively powerless group.  Not in this case.  The NRA is among the most powerful of lobbies in Washington.  They get legislation passed that other interest groups cannot; they get politicians elected and defeated.  And there's also, you know, the guns themselves--another article I've read about this controversy quoted the Starbucks CEO as saying they had rejected an outright ban in favor of this "request" policy because they didn't want to put any employees in conflict with PEOPLE WHO ARE ARMED.  In short, gun owners have one of the most powerful special interest groups in the history of humanity protecting them.  And they have guns.

So this is definitely not a case of the powerful oppressing the powerless.  That's what makes it a stupid fucking argument.  Which, really, is all these guys have left.