Friday, October 25, 2013

Burned by McDonald's Hot Coffee

A true tale of how capitalism, and its relentless, supporting propaganda system, functions in the real world.

Capitalism, as a philosophy, does not care at all about morality, or compassion, or love.  It does not care about human dignity or human potential.  Human suffering, pain, death, misery, all these things have absolutely no meaning within the capitalist philosophical system.  There is one value and only one value within capitalism: profit.  

If your product kills hundreds, it's not a question of right and wrong.  Rather, it's a question of whether a product recall would cost more or less than fighting it out in court.  If your employment practices hurt or kill your employees, morality is simply a project you send to the PR department, a case you send to your lawyers, a denial you make to the media.  What really concerns you is how this will all affect the bottom line.

And when you work within such a philosophical system, your very livelihood depends on you making such values your own.  But don't worry too much about it.  The mass media, which is simply another manifestation of capitalism, does a marvelous job of making the unthinkable seem ordinary and mundane.  A woman getting third degree burns from a product that's supposed to be hot but not scalding is made to look as though her victimization is her own fault, just as the poor and unemployed are turned into moochers and parasites who want to be poor and unemployed.  Just another bunch of professional victims. You're not doing evil; they are.

No guilt.  No shame.  No remorse. Just good vibes because profit is better than morality.  That's the nation in which we live.