Monday, October 07, 2013


My girlfriend's pissed off, and with good reason.  She posted on facebook:

People who say that using a campaign slogan talking about Hilary Clinton's imperfect body is the same as someone "attacking" Ann Coulter. I've never heard Hillary Clinton say anything even remotely like this:

"My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building." - Ann Coulter.

I had relatives killed by Timothy McVeigh you nasty, horrible pond scum.
Coulter, in the week after 9/11, also said that we ought to invade all Muslim nations, kill their leaders, and convert their people to Christianity.  But who's counting Coulter's psychotic musings at this point?  There are too many to count.

Jennifer continued in the comment thread:
Basically, those campaign buttons comparing Hillary Clinton to a bucket of chicken (2 large thighs, 2 small breasts), people have said "Well, you liberals attack Ann Coulter, too." Well, she's a nasty, hate-spewing demon. That's not the same as not being attractive enough for you, and what the hell does that have to do with being a politician in the first place? It doesn't matter if the men are attractive. Most of them look like trolls in suits. I'm so sick of women being put down for not looking "right" to a bunch of nasty old men.
I've been seeing those nasty republican campaign buttons talking about Hillary's "big thighs" and I've seen people say "Well, its no different than you liberals attacking Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter." Yes, it is!!! One of them spews out ignorant nonsense like a cartoon bimbo, and the other one is a hateful racist that wishes death on people who don't agree with her. Reacting badly to someone's actions is not the same as dehumanizing a woman for not being a barbie doll.

I don't get into politics as deeply as some people, but when it is this particular issue, I will fight. I am a woman, and you have to treat me and other women as legitimate human beings, or you can go to hell.
Amen, sister.

Only one or two people dared to disagree with her.  Nonetheless, it's always difficult for me to keep my mouth shut on such issues, so I offered some support.  Even though she didn't really need it.
I agree with Jennifer on the false equivalency between these blatantly sexist attacks on HRC and liberal rhetoric toward Palin and Coulter. Yes, there have been a relative few pieces of mudslinging toward Coulter coming from liberals concerning her gender, but it's pretty rare, relatively speaking, because Coulter so consistently says outrageous batshit crazy bullshit that she's always giving liberals something to talk about--there's really no need to resort to ad hominem attacks toward her; she impeaches herself every time she opens her mouth.

And calling her a drag queen is trans-phobic, for that matter, not sexist. As if conservatives give a shit about offending the transgendered community. I mean, I guess one could craft an argument asserting that the idea behind calling her a drag queen is that she shouldn't be taken seriously because she's not conforming to traditional notions of femininity, but really, calling her a drag queen is just about being mean to a totally vile individual who definitely has it coming, not about shaming her into being more womanly. But like I said, this is relatively rare, and especially so when compared to the sexist rhetoric toward Hillary going on twenty years now.

Remember the freak out over her leading her husband's task force on health care, in spite of the fact that she was totally qualified to do it? She's a lesbian. She's a witch. She's a harpy. She wears the pants. She's cold and emotionless. And on and on. This has been a full court press for almost as long as I've known of her existence. Her unashamed foray into the boys club of politics has always DEEPLY offended conservatives, and it has ALWAYS brought their traditional sexism to the surface. To compare sexist attacks on Hillary to liberal attacks on Coulter is like comparing the banking sector's massive fraudulent behavior to a hungry man who steals a loaf of bread to feed his family. That is, there is no comparison.

As far as Sarah Palin goes, I don't know of any out-of-line liberal attacks on her. Is calling a politician an unqualified dumbshit sexist? I don't think so.
The sexist attacks on Hillary are only going to get worse as we near 2016.  It's definitely a good thing to start some shit about it right now.  I have the greatest girlfriend in the world.