Wednesday, April 16, 2014

5 Explosive Revelations Leaked from Senate Report Exposing CIA Torture

From AlterNet:

Based on CIA documents, senators on the powerful committee conducted a four-year long, $40 million inquiry into the CIA’s detention and interrogation program, which included torture tactics like the waterboarding of terrorism suspects, beatings and the smashing of suspects’ heads into walls. While the public may be aware of some of these practices due to past revelations, the information carries heavy weight because it is the Senate confirming many of those claims, which has oversight power over the agency.

The CIA’s torture program started soon after 9/11. The Bush administration signed off on what they called “enhanced interrogation techniques,” but which clearly constituted torture, a crime under U.S. and international law.

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Torture is deeply immoral.  Legal briefs don't change that.  The fact that official enemies of the US might use torture, too, doesn't change that.  That we, the United States, have tortured, again and again, in this misguided and destructive "War on Terror," has left blood all over our collective hands.  I mean, we already had bloody hands, from slavery, and then Jim Crow, and from the genocide of the Native Americans, and various other imperialistic atrocities.  But at least public discourse sort of acknowledges the existence of these grave sins.  

The American torture regime, in sharp contrast, hardly registers in the public consciousness.  The men who formulated plans for, and then ordered, these mass violations of human rights walk free.  The current administration, as well as the House and Senate, seem utterly unconcerned with justice, which makes them complicit in these high crimes against humanity.  America, like Iran, Baathist Iraq, Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Khmer Rouge Cambodia, and countless others, is now one of those nations.  We torture, and then we put medals on the torturers.  This disgusts me.  And if you're an American with a conscience and a belief in justice and morality, you should be disgusted, too.

On the other hand, sweeping this all under the carpet the way we're doing is so very America-of-the-now.  From fraudulent and thieving bankers, to professional athletes using steroids, to parents harassing teachers and administrators until their C student babies get As, to blaming the poor for the actions of capitalists, and on and on and on: in the 21st century, we Americans don't take responsibility for ANYTHING.  

It's somebody else's problem.  Actually it's not even a problem.  There is no problem.  STFU, asshole.  You're killing my buzz.