Thursday, May 29, 2014

Utah High School Photoshops Female Students' Yearbook Pics to Be More Modest

From, of all places, Cosmopolitan, courtesy of Eschaton:

The photos show sleeves added to girls' outfits and low-cut tops made more conservative with retouching. The school didn’t even consistently edit the pictures; two students wore identical outfits and one got edited sleeves, while the other didn’t. Only female students' outfits were Photoshopped.

More here, with video.

I think some teachers and administrators are in their public school bubble for so many years that they end up totally losing touch with reality. On the other hand, this is Utah we're talking about. Where the women are modest and the marriages are polygamous.  Now, if that doesn't make people confused, I don't know what does.  Any other state, though, this would be near psychotic.  Not uncommon.  Just crazy.  And sexist.  Fairly typical for our schools.