Tuesday, June 24, 2014


From Balloon Juice courtesy of Eschaton:

For all the noise people make to keep blacks and poors away from a voting booth, voter impersonation fraud is an incredibly dumb crime. If the person you impersonated tries to vote in the same election, you’re busted. If they knowingly let you vote for them it seems likely that they would have voted the same way. If you vote in more than one precinct you will get flagged in the first half-assed check of that year’s voting records.

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What continues to be amazing to me about the entire malevolent GOP push for voter ID laws across the nation is that, when confronted with factual evidence that there is virtually no voter fraud of the variety these laws ostensibly prevent, the response is essentially something along the lines of "nuh-uh!"  And they freaking GET AWAY WITH IT.  Supporters never present any evidence at all to the contrary.  Ever.  Very likely because there isn't any, but you'd think they'd at least try.  But no.  They just assert this fiction that people are voting fraudulently and then immediately move on to talking about the dire need to prevent it with voter ID laws, and, yes, it's a shame and all how it disenfranchises so many people of color, but it just can't be helped, gotta get the fraudulent voters.

The bottom line here, as it has been the whole time, is that this kind of fraud is near impossible to pull off in any significant way, which is why it is almost non-existent.  Republicans KNOW this, but it serves as a mantra-justification for enacting laws that keep lots of Democrats from voting, which is, of course, their true function.  That is, passing voter ID laws is, very ironically, voting fraud in and of itself.  They can't win fairly, so the CHEAT.  And then call Democrats cheaters.  It's really sick and twisted kindergarten stuff.  But it seems to be working, which, I guess, tells us a lot about what our political culture has devolved into.

And, oh yeah, as the linked blog post observes, it seems we're catching more and more Republicans doing what they say Democrats are doing but aren't.  As always, conservatives don't do or even understand irony.