Sunday, June 08, 2014

Texas GOP advances 'reparative therapy' for gays

From the Houston Chronicle:

Gay Republicans in Texas said Friday they may stop fighting their party's proposed endorsement of "reparative therapy" over worries that even tougher anti-gay language could be added to the party platform.

The Texas Republican Party is poised to adopt a new platform this weekend that would support psychological treatments that seek to turn gay people straight. Such therapies were banned for minors last year by New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie, and California has a similar law.

But a fight to remove the therapy language during the Texas GOP convention on Saturday could backfire, said Jeff Davis, chairman of gay conservative group Texas Log Cabin Republicans. A final platform vote would include nearly 10,000 delegates at the biennial convention, which has long been unfriendly territory for gays.

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The Log Cabin Republicans have got to be the loneliest political coalition in human history.

Anyway, in addition to the traditional homophobia driving this, we can also shove a copy of what will probably be the Texas GOP platform into the anti-science file, along with creationism and global warming denial. It's pretty well established in the psychiatric world that: one, being gay is not a pathology, and, two, "gay conversion therapy" doesn't work, and very likely CAUSES pathology.

Don't like reality? Believe whatever the hell you want. That's where the Conservative Movement has ended up. Bunch of fools.