Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ferguson, gun control and Second Amendment hypocrisy

From Salon:

But 30 members of the open-carry group the Huey P. Newton gun club did march in the streets of Dallas earlier this week, armed with AR-15s, shotguns and rifles, chanting about Black Power. One of the marchers by the name of Drew X, with the New Black Panther Party, was quoted as saying, “If they don’t get these people under control with this police brutality and this abuse, this gonna be an international crisis.”

And this has the right wing very confused. A quick look around the Internet finds some perfunctory commentary supporting the group’s right to bear arms, but eventually people are pointing out the fact that one cannot be a “felon” and own guns. Finally they get down and dirty with assertions that the demonstrators must be bloods and crips and start whining that African-Americans are racist for mentioning that people of color are particularly at risk from police abuse. And then there are the hilarious jokes like this one: “If black people could get some marksmanship training it would really cut down on the number of innocents killed by stray bullets in certain neighborhoods.”

There’s a reason for this confusion and it goes to one of the fundamental reasons why these gun proliferation proponents are so passionate in their desire to be armed at all times. Let’s just say it isn’t fear of the federal government.

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Who's the man with the master plan? This really cracks me up. The usual Second Amendment enthusiasts really don't know what to say about black militants embracing open carry. And their confusion is both funny and delightful. I guess they only mean open carry for people who share their politics. And skin color. But they can't really just come right out and say so, can they?

The Huey P. Newton Gun Club, indeed.