Sunday, August 03, 2014

Obama: "We Tortured Some Folks"

From Mother Jones:

This isn't the first time Obama has said that the US tortured people but the usage of "folks" immediately set tongues wagging. Presumably it's because "folks" is far more humanizing than "detainees" or "enemy combatants".  The US did torture people (real flesh-and-blood human people) after 9/11, and it's good that Obama says so—even if he was just trying to get off the topic of his CIA admitting to spying on Congress.

For a long time it was incredibly controversial to call "enhanced interrogation" torture. It's a sign of progress that no one batted an eye at the "torture" bit and instead focused on the "folks" part. 

More here.

Okay, this is a good start. But really, we'll have this deep, deep immorality hanging around our necks until the people responsible, and I'm definitely not talking about the ground level soldiers and operatives who were ORDERED to torture, are behind bars for a very long time. That is, torture is an atrocity. True Americans do not support its use in any instance ever. Because torture is evil, and supporting it makes you evil, too. Indeed, supporting torture as official American policy necessarily makes your support for this country severely problematic.

That is, if you're fine with all this, go back to Russia or North Korea or Iran or wherever it is you get your understanding of morals and civics. Real Americans don't want you here. You make us look evil.