Thursday, August 14, 2014


Look, we need the police. As a social institution, they're vitally necessary. And the vast majority of them serve with bravery and distinction in one of the hardest and most dangerous jobs in which an individual can work. But there is brutal truth in the NWA classic song linked below. Brutal truth we're currently seeing played out in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

It's a damned shame this remains an ongoing aspect of American life twenty five years after the song was released.

And the point here for me isn't about any single event in Ferguson. It's the whole thing. It's the community's reaction. It's the police reaction. It's the socioeconomic situation. It's race. It's that we're seeing yet another one of these uprisings. We can point out small faults and blames all over the place all day long. But we're having another race riot, and, as usual, there's legitimate motivation driving many aspects of it. Why can't we get it together as a society such that this doesn't happen anymore?

Also, I hope everybody is able to make the connection between Gaza and Ferguson. Massive over-the-top military response against a legitimately aggrieved population with very little to lose. It's a national shame that the US supports what Israel is doing to Palestine, just as it is a national shame that we're having this retro Alabama shit in 2014.

Hopefully the arrival of Missouri state troopers will professionalize the situation.