Sunday, September 21, 2014

Alabama Governor Consoles Family Of Murdered 8-Year-Old Black Girl By Suggesting Their Dysfunction Killed Her

From Wonkette:

When reporters asked Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley to comment on the news that Hiawayi’s body had been found, these were the words of comfort and support he had for Hiawayi’s family:
“There are things that happen we just don’t understand. There are difficulties in families. We don’t know, maybe drug related. Maybe alcohol related. Maybe family problems. We just don’t know what the situation is.”
Bentley added he needs to do everything he can to make families more sound.

What a peach. A child goes missing, her family is frantic and organizing a search for her, and the governor’s first thought when her body is found is to shake his head and pontificate on the sad, sad state of the Black Family In America Today. And let’s keep in mind that absolutely no one in law enforcement has said anything to suggest that Haiwayi’s family had anything to do with her abduction and killing. Needless to say, people in Alabama are Not Happy.

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Putting aside for the moment the numerous arguments and observations I and many others have made about racist tendencies in the Republican Party, you wanna know why people keep calling out the GOP for racism? Because prominent Republicans keep saying shit like this over and over.