Thursday, October 02, 2014

Blessed Are The Swingers: Christian Couple Share Partners, Word of God

From Gawker:

Devout Christians looking to spread the word of God sometimes need to get creative about where they're preaching—after all, anywhere could be the right place to convert an unbeliever. So why not discuss Bible verses with the guy you've invited over to fuck your wife? 

For Florida couple Dean and Christy Parave, their swingers' lifestyle doesn't conflict with their deeply-held Christian beliefs. Rather, it provides an outlet where they can share the gospel (along with sexual partners). "I'm getting to people that probably never even visited church," says Dean. "Hey, God's not gonna put a lion with a bunch of elephants, so what's he gonna do? He's gonna put a swinger with a bunch of swingers to spread his word." 

More here, with video.

I think that so many Americans have invested their identities with the concept of being "Christian" that Christianity, here in the US, can mean pretty much anything you want it to mean. On the other hand, if something can mean virtually anything, then it's a pretty easy argument to make that it also means nothing at all.

So OF COURSE we're a "Christian nation." We're ALL "Christian." Why the hell not? Apparently it's just a brand name that people really dig. I'm a Houston Texans fan, a Coke drinker, and a "Christian." No sweat. It's just a name.