Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Burger King and McDonald's Pay Fast Food Workers $20 an Hour in Denmark

From AlterNet:

What Danish fast food workers have that their American counterparts do not is a powerful union, and fast food franchise owners who are willing to make a little less of a profit, though they still do make a profit. Denmark is also a much smaller country, with a higher cost of living and a huge social safety net. And yes, a fast food burger is a little more expensive in Denmark than here in America.
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Conservatives are either liars or fools on this topic.  Businesses, especially big corporations, can, in fact, pay a living wage to their hourly employees.  It is impossible not to notice that Denmark's economy has NOT failed, and that Burger King and McDonald's are profitable enterprises there. 

This is, to be sure, about the balance sheet, but not about whether fat-cats will be making money, not about crashing the economy; rather, it's about how much money these fat-cats are going to make.  Here in the US, they've been allowed to make so much money that they've leveraged their ill gotten gains into a rigging of the economic and political systems creating an upward spiral of riches, one that steals wealth created by ordinary workers and deposits it into the wealthy elite's already bulging pockets.

Okay, to backtrack a bit, this actually is about crashing the economy, but not in the way discussed in the public discourse.  When you keep fairly earned wages out of the hands of the people who fairly earned it, just because you're a greedy dick, you depress demand.  And when you depress demand, you depress the entire economy.

That is, demand drives growth.  Paying crap wages destroys economic growth.  And it's all for the sake of the over-the-top selfish narcissism of the people riding at the top of the capitalist class.  It's way beyond time to end this bullshit.