Monday, October 06, 2014

Pro-Union Burger King Worker Disciplined For Poor Pickle Placement

From the Huffington Post:

On another occasion last September, Wilson was punished by a manager for coming by the store while off-duty to talk with other workers outside. Wilson had asked a colleague who'd just finished her shift to fill out a questionnaire on wages. The manager told Wilson she was violating the store's 'loitering and solicitation policy,' then wrote her up for it.

Amchan ruled that the enforcement of this policy on employees violated the National Labor Relations Act. The workplace is a 'particularly appropriate place' to distribute materials or discuss organizing rights, seeing as it's 'the one place where employees clearly share common interests,' he wrote. He added, 'This is particularly true in the instant case where some of the workers are lower paid individuals who commute to work via bus.'

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Business has had its way for so long, under multiple administrations from both parties, that they no longer know how to operate within labor law. That is, yes, workers have the RIGHT to discuss work issues with other workers at work, whether the boss likes it or not. Too f'ing bad if that makes management uncomfortable.

It's nice to see Obama's NLRB actually doing something after all these years.