Monday, October 13, 2014

Red Death Registers as Inscrutable But Fascinating

From the Houston Press:

Guidry-Stryk's Jane is sleek and equally inscrutable. With her lipstick-red mouth, pale skin, and mane of raven hair, she is either the face of death or the walking dead. (Unless I'm reading this play completely wrong, which I have no way of knowing.) For all Jane's dastardly deeds, though, we're always on her side. She's on a mission, yet is so clueless (and afraid?) it's endearing. Schlag's Connie is so brittle she may crack, which she does after vodka and childhood memories. Especially effective are Reeder's spooky, efficiently determined Detective and Todd's wistful Dad, who keeps losing his daughter over the years. Jane promises to come back for a longer visit, but never does.

Helping everyone in this quest is the smooth direction from Jennifer Decker, who keeps the scene and costume changes at lightning pace.

More here.

While the writer didn't gush about me or anything, I am extraordinarily pleased in that this is, by far, the most unequivocal "Ron was good" notice I've EVER gotten, going back to the 80s.  Yes, I'm proud.  I've worked on my craft for many years now, and today I feel like I'm at the top of my game.  So yes, this is a bit of a triumph for me.  Even if it's really only half a sentence.

Of course, what's really helpful to me is that I'm getting to do this work in what is an overall excellent show across the board, acting, design, tech, script, and directing.  It's hard to look good inside a piece of shit.  But this is no piece of shit.  I'm honored, really, to be a part of this production.

Full disclosure: director Jennifer Decker is my girlfriend.  Damn, she's good.