Tuesday, October 21, 2014

South Carolina Prosecutors Say Stand Your Ground Doesn’t Apply To Victims Of Domestic Violence

From Think Progress:

"The Post and Courier, which originally reported the prosecutors’ position, has been doing a series on domestic violence over the past few months, in which it found that women are dying at a rate of one every 12 days from domestic abuse in South Carolina, a state 'awash in guns, saddled with ineffective laws and lacking enough shelters for the battered … a state where the deck is stacked against women trapped in the cycle of abuse.' More than 70 percent of those who kill their spouse had 'multiple prior arrests on those charges' and the majority spent just days in jail."

More here.

Of course not.

I mean, unless the abuser is a black guy wearing a hoodie, possibly drinking tea and eating Skittles. And the victim is white--well, unless the judge decides she had it coming to her because miscegenation is a sin. Otherwise, no court in South Carolina would convict because, well, you know why. SC never needed "stand your ground" in such circumstances, anyway.

But generally, no surprise at all that women In South Carolina can't defend themselves from abusers using "stand your ground."