Sunday, November 09, 2014


From a recent New York Times editorial:

Job Growth, but No Raises

The employment report for October, released on Friday, reflects a steady-as-she-goes economy. And that is a problem, because for most Americans, more of the same is not good enough. Since the recovery began in mid-2009, inflation-adjusted figures show that the economy has grown by 12 percent; corporate profits, by 46 percent; and the broad stock market, by 92 percent. Median household income has contracted by 3 percent.

Against that backdrop, the economic challenge is to reshape the economy in ways that allow a fair share of economic growth to flow into worker pay. The October report offers scant evidence that this challenge is being met. Worse, the legislative agenda of the new Republican congressional majority, including corporate tax cuts and more deficit reduction, would reinforce rather than reverse the lopsided status quo.

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What can we conclude when the economy grows but wages shrink?  That's pretty easy if you've been paying attention for the last thirty years: conservative economics is a LIE.  Just a straight-up lie, no need to mince words about it.  Throwing money at the rich, deregulating industry, union-busting, tax cuts, tax cuts, tax cuts, which are what we've been doing in a bipartisan way since the Reagan era, all this shit, and it IS shit, does NOT create prosperity for Americans.

Well, okay it clearly creates prosperity for SOME Americans, but only a VERY few, you know, for the so-called one percent.  But does it "trickle down" the way it's supposed to do?  Hell no!  And it never has.  A rising tide does NOT lift all the boats.  The rich get richer and F everybody else.  This is the horrific debacle of a legacy decades of conservative rule hath wrought.

And I'm not even really commenting on the recent GOP takeover of the Senate.  I mean, that will definitely make things much worse, but the Democrats have been in on this crazy evil shit since at least the Clinton era, and probably earlier.  You wonder why Obama's got such low ratings?  It's because he's got no balls, because he continues this bipartisan commitment to pleasuring the rich in return for fame and power.

I mean, the Republicans SUCK, of course.  But the Democrats suck a thousand times worse.  At least the GOP is on the up and up regarding what they are, the party of the rich.  But the Democrats are the sleaziest of them all, pretending to be liberal, coasting on a reputation they haven't done a damned thing to earn for decades.

They've sold us all out.

In brief, here's how you fix this:

1. Raise the minimum wage to fifteen or twenty dollars per hour.

2. Jack up corporate tax rates so high they'll hear the plutocrats squealing as far away as Venus.

3. Guarantee collective bargaining rights and let the unions do their thing.

But like any of that's going to happen.  We've got career politicians, all of them extraordinarily well paid by their wealthy masters, who are dead set against doing anything that would help Americans.  There's a special place in Hell for them all.