Thursday, November 13, 2014

How cold is it going to get tonight?

From the Houston Chronicle's Sci Guy blog:

Short answer: Very, very cold for November.

Longer answer: Read on.

Houston’s record low temperature for Nov. 14 is 28 degrees, and based upon the latest forecast modeling that number is definitely in play.

More here.

Just a bit of a preemptive strike here.

When climatologists talk about global warming, they are referring to the average annual temperature worldwide. This means that it may very well be cold somewhere on the planet at any given moment, even while the overall global average temperature continues to rise. Like right now.

So, no, you can't open up your window, observe that it's cold outside, and then proceed to pronounce global warming dead. Really, if you're so foolish as to do something like that, it means you have no idea what global warming actually is, and therefore have absolutely no business making any comments about it at all.

I mean, sure, like that stops anybody from commenting on anything, but it does put such commentary into the realm of deep and massive bullshit.