Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Big Problem With Kim Kardashian's Butt Photos Nobody Is Talking About

From Mic:

The infamous reality star "broke the Internet" — or at least, got a lot of people on the Internet talking — this week by flaunting her backside for the cover of Paper magazine and then doubling down hours later with additional full-frontal shots. But the fanatic reaction to her curves reveals a much deeper issue regarding how women's bodies are viewed in public forums, especially given the way female curves have been historically treated in the media and the art world.

The reality star's photos were taken by a white photographer with a history of playing up racial tropes about black women's bodies. Kardashian's willingness to go along with the shoot — and the relative ignorance of the majority who have commented on it — reflect a disturbing lack of awareness when it comes to the exploitation of black bodies, specifically black women.

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Of course, my immediate reaction is that such a discourse is one for which the vast majority of Americans, let alone white Americans, are ill equipped to understand. I mean, this isn't rocket science or anything, and we could fairly easily, I think, teach race and media criticism to high school students with great success.

But it seems the entire power establishment in this country is dead set against such a thing. It will never happen in our lifetimes. And, when I dwell on it, that makes me really, really, really sad.