Tuesday, December 23, 2014


A buddy of mine posted a link to this essay about how totally messed up the public discourse on education has become in recent years.  It's a good piece; you should read it.

Here's what I commented to my friend:

You know, I have this long, interesting, and engaging critique about the structure of American schooling, how we conceptualize it, and how its authoritarian nature is hopelessly at odds with education's ostensible holy grail, critical thinking. It's a good critique, I think, and something about which we should all be thinking.

But I don't even talk about it anymore. The public discourse on education has gotten so bad, so outside reality, so amazingly absurd, so destructive, that it has become, by far, the more pressing issue. A much more pressing issue. Indeed, the flawed approach we have had in this country, the one lambasted by my critique, is INFINITELY superior to what these horrible people who call themselves "reformers" would have us adopt.

It's all so extraordinarily depressing that I try not to think about it too much.