Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I just had to post a couple more comments from my fb thread about the NY Times editorial calling for the prosecution of Bush officials for torture.  Context should be obvious:

Okay, but David K, this is torture we're talking about, as horrible, at least, as child molestation. Can you really see yourself being okay with someone who supports molesting children as a political point of view? And I'm not even really exaggerating, either: anal rape, and lots of it, is apparently something the CIA was doing pretty regularly to detainees. That's what supporters of torture are supporting. Anal rape.

You really think that's a "political position"? I think supporting torture is beyond the pale, not at all a legitimate political position. I mean, seriously. They support anal rape. That's totally fucked up. Definitely a sin, if you're a Christian, regardless of what whack theology to which one subscribes. And it's definitely evil.

I can't back down on this. That's how evil succeeds, when good people do nothing.

Richard, David C, it is not "whining" to decry and condemn official anal rape of prisoners. You guys support anal rape? That's how it sounds to me.
'Nuff said.