Thursday, January 15, 2015

Most of America’s rich think the poor have it easy

From the Washington Post's Wonkblog:

There is little empathy at the top.

Most of America's richest think poor people have it easy in this country, according to a new report released by the Pew Research Center. The center surveyed a nationally representative group of people this past fall, and found that the majority of the country's most financially secure citizens (54 percent at the very top, and 57 percent just below) believe the "poor have it easy because they can get government benefits without doing anything in return." America's least financially secure, meanwhile, vehemently disagree — nearly 70 percent say the poor have hard lives because the benefits "don't go far enough." Nationally, the population is almost evenly split.

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One of the big reasons this country is so f'd up: apparently, having lots of money interferes with the brain's synaptic pathways. And people with lots of money own and operate the country. So we're screwed.

Actually, it's interesting that half the population thinks this way.  I don't know what to make of it other than as a result of conservative anti-poor mass propaganda going back to the Reagan era.  You know, if you're poor it's because you're a lazy, mooching asshole, regardless of the facts.  Needless to say, a lot of this propaganda effort has been funded by the rich, who actually believe their own bullshit, probably so they can look at themselves in the mirror without self-loathing.

And they've taken about half the country down the path of hateful narcissism with them.  The people have been made callous and wicked.