Sunday, January 04, 2015

Houston ranked among the most stressed cities

From the Houston Chronicle:

But, some people in certain places have a bit more to deal with than people in other places. Case and point: one ZIP code in Houston was ranked among the most stressed out in the country.

Real Estate company Movoto recently compiled  the data from nearly 30,000 ZIP codes nationwide. Economic factors such as poverty levels, commuting, unemployment, and the population without health insurance determined the ranking. 

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Not surprising for a state as red as Texas is--for that matter, I don't think that Mayor Parker, presumably a Democrat, and a longtime oil industry professional before entering politics, is too terribly friendly to working people herself. That is, this is what you get when you fully embrace pro-big business attitudes and allow corporations to run rampant.

I mean, man, up to forty percent of certain zip codes in this town live life below the poverty level. Forty percent. That's a total shame.