Thursday, January 22, 2015

Republicans Post Doctored Version Of State Of The Union, Censor Facts On Climate Change

From Think Progress:

The official website for House Republicans has posted on YouTube a version of President Obama’s State of the Union address which cuts out comments where the President was critical of Republican rhetoric on climate change, ThinkProgress has learned.

In the website’s “enhanced webcast” of the State of the Union speech, President Obama’s comments criticizing Republicans for saying they are “not scientists” when it comes to climate change are erased. 

More here.

A buddy of mine posted the above linked article on facebook.  Here's my comment:

I can pinpoint the moment when I found out for sure that a lot of Republican rhetorical strategy involves straight up lying: it was that first Obama/Romney debate, the moment when Obama referred to something or other Romney had said countless times during the Republican primary, which was then immediately denied by his opponent.

I was, like, okay, that's it, that's how you emerge from the psycho-circus of Tea Party hate called the GOP primary without having to pay a price for all the crazy shit you said in order to make it to the general election. You just lie. You straight up lie, which is exactly what Romney did. It was an obvious lie, a transparent lie, one that anybody who had been following the campaign even casually would spot. And the prick totally got away with it.

Republicans learned long ago that "the liberal media," cowed as they have been by years of conservative hissy fits, ROUTINELY lets Republicans get away with the craziest fucking lies imaginable, you know, "Shape of the Earth: Opinions Differ," all because of being fair and balanced. It's gotten so bad that the GOP just depends on it for political strategy.

The truth, facts, all this, one really can make a persuasive case these days that they're in danger of just not mattering at all.