Thursday, January 29, 2015

Texas Muslim Capitol Day marred by anti-Islam protesters

From the Houston Chronicle:

They came out by the hundreds from Dallas, San Antonio and Houston, mostly women and children, girls with silver-bowed shoes and pink owl backpacks. They sang the national anthem and prayed.

But less than 20 feet from where the group of Texas Muslims gathered on the steps of the state Capitol in Austin, a small handful of protesters told them exactly how they felt about their visit.


Christine Weick, who said she was originally from Michigan but now is "on the road," at one point stormed the succession of speakers, grabbing the microphone and yelling, "Islam will not dominate the United States, and by the grace of God, it will not dominate Texas."

She was carted back to her spot with the other 12 to 15 protesters holding vigil behind a wall of law enforcement officers. "Muhammad is dead!" she and other chanted, referring to the Muslim prophet.

More here.

Trashy. Just straight up trashy. I mean, these are the same kind of jerks who trip out if you don't salute the Christmas tree in the right way, who insist they're being persecuted if you don't give extra special respect, extra special privileges to their religion. Clearly, this isn't a two way street for them. Going off on Islam is just fine. Participating in the oppression of a religious minority is just fine.

And it wasn't just Islamophobic protesters getting in on the act, either. One legislator wanted them to come to her office, where she displayed an Israeli flag just for the occasion, in order to take, get this, a loyalty oath. Can these people possibly be bigger dicks?

I fear we will never learn to get along, and, very sadly, it appears a number of my fellow Texans are doing as much as they can to make sure we never learn to get along.