Thursday, January 08, 2015

Video demonstrates how mind-numbingly formulaic and shitty Country pop music has become

From Dangerous Minds:

If you need any proof of how much Country pop music sucks nowadays, look no further than this video which dissects and mashes-up six Country songs. All of them sound alike. There ain’t nothin’ “original” added to the mix. “Original” never got anywhere close to the these songs to begin with!

Click here to check this out.

Some fifteen years ago, when I was in my early thirties, I had a conversation with an old college buddy about the state of what was then today's pop music.  Of course, I was asserting that it sucks.  He shot back with the standard assertion that older people never understand the kids' new music.  I conceded that, to an extent, but observed that there have also been massive changes with how the music industry is structured as a business: music has become corporatized, and the big boys consequently now offer bland consumer product, simply because that's how massive corporations sell stuff.  You see the same thing with Hollywood, too.

My buddy was not convinced.  But I haven't heard anything in the last fifteen years that would change my mind, either.  That is, I've heard SHITLOADS of great new music over the years, but the vast majority of it isn't coming down from the mass market mega music biz--it's coming from people playing in bars, or garages, or mixing stuff in their bedrooms.  Big time pop music, in stark contrast, is now seemingly indistinguishable from Christian contemporary music.  It's also increasingly indistinguishable from country and western music.  It's all starting to sound alike.

Maybe I'm just too old.  But big businesses really did start buying up medium sized record companies back in the eighties and gradually applied a corporate business model to everything.  Changes really did happen with how these entertainment products are developed and marketed.  And any sense of artistry once accompanying pop music necessarily took a back seat to the new way of doing business.  Surely, that's had some effect.

It can't just be me becoming culturally oblivious, can it?  I have a master of fine arts for god's sake!