Tuesday, February 10, 2015


A canvasser for the Texas Campaign for the Environment just got me to write letters to a couple of state officials:

Dear Representative Jessica Farrar (I also sent this to Texas State Senator John Whitmire),

A canvasser for the Texas Campaign for the Environment recently made me aware of some issues with which you are dealing in the legislature which are important to me.

The big one is the disposal of toxic household products such as batteries.  My understanding is that there is great potential for leakage into surrounding areas from landfills.  Having lived in Austin during the Save Our Spring days, I have a keen awareness of how easy it is to contaminate water tables, but it's not simply water that is running a risk here.

I would very much like to see some legislation making disposal the responsibility of the manufacturers of toxic household products, rather than subsidizing these businesses with taxpayer funded cleanup after the fact.  It only seems reasonable and fair to do this; let businesses pay the full cost of their profit-seeking activities, without socializing the downside.

I am also concerned that there may be a movement afoot to override local ordinances about this issue, which establish a higher burden of responsibility for manufacturers, by replacing it with less restrictive state law.  That's got sleazy lobbying written all over it.

Related, but different, is the ability of state citizens to challenge nearby polluting businesses.  My understanding is that this might be in danger, too.

Thank you for listening to my concerns.

Your constituent