Thursday, February 26, 2015

Poll: 54 percent of Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim

From the Houston Chronicle:

Yes, a majority of conservatives still believe Obama is Muslim. A poll published by the Washington Post on Wednesday showed that 54 percent of Republicans think that “deep down” Obama devotes himself to Islam.

More here.

When I hear self-identified Christians saying horrible things, stuff which is CLEARLY counter to the teachings of Christ, you know, stuff like "I support torture," or "poor people are lazy and deserve to be poor," or statements revealing hate, not love, for an enemy, that sort of thing, I give them the benefit of the doubt. After all, as the Apostle Paul said, "all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God." So, you know, maybe these people are Christians lost in sin. Whatever. Who am I to say that someone's not a Christian if he says he's a Christian? That's between him and God, right?

But conservatives, who are presumably, for the most part, self-identifying Christians themselves, just can't let this crazy "Obama the Muslim" thing go. As if they can stare into his soul.

So it's pretty obvious that there's something bizarre going on with this. Obama has declared, rather endlessly, that he is a Christian. And that's enough. He's a Christian. But more than half of all Republicans, inexplicably, think he's a Muslim. I mean, without one lick of evidence that would make one think that's the case, half of all Republicans have just gone into total fantasy land with this. Okay, sure, they do that all the time, really, anyway, on global warming, taxation, economics, evolution, women's reproductive biology, and on and on. But this Obama thing is weirder than even all of that.

I personally think it's because they hate him. Because he's "liberal." Which is even weirder because he's actually moderate-right, far right, even, on some economic issues. Certainly not liberal. I'm liberal, and I can tell you Obama is a liberal only because the conservatives call him liberal. But that doesn't make it so. Nor does calling the President a Muslim make it so.

But conservatives just keep on trying. Really, folks, Republican mass delusion is getting more and more dangerous. These people have no business running the country. Running anything at all, for that matter.

How could anyone in his right mind call himself a conservative these days?