Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ark. Rep. Justin Harris Had Daughters’ Demons ‘Exorcised’ Before ‘Rehoming’ Them With A Rapist

From Wonkette:

The sad, ugly saga of Justin Harris and the “rehoming” of his two adopted daughters just morphed into a B-movie horror flick. According to several people who knew the Harrises, the super-Christian Arkansas state rep. and his wife, Marsha, believed the young girls were possessed by demons and hired “specialists” to drive Satan from the children’s tiny bodies. They also kept their six-year-old adoptive daughter locked and isolated in her toyless room with just a video camera to watch her so she couldn’t “communicate telepathically” with her four-year-old sister. 

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How do you tell people, people who desperately need to hear it, that bizarre religious beliefs are good and fine in the abstract, but not when they endanger other people's lives? I mean, okay, believe whatever crazy shit you want. But please, please, PLEASE have enough awareness of physical reality such that you don't take anyone else down with you!

I might as well be talking to a rock.

The ones who need to understand this will never listen to a damned thing I have to say. So people will continue to be abused, tortured, even killed, because religious beliefs are sacred, and not to be questioned, because I'm an asshole if I do.
Whatever. There is no such thing as demonic possession. At least, not in this reality, and by "this reality," I mean reality. If someone is acting like he's possessed, get him to a mental health facility ASAP. I'm freaking horrified. And this psychotic thing in Arkansas is only one example among thousands of what I'm talking about.

For that matter, Jews have about as much right to Palestine as Arabs do.