Sunday, March 08, 2015

Elizabeth Warren causes DC freakout: Why the liberal hero has elite Washington in hysterics

From Salon:

As the Democratic caucuses in Congress have shrunk, and as Warren’s influence has grown, the elite’s anxiety over her rise has become almost palpable. I’ve lost track of the number of times one centrist pundit or another has called her the Ted Cruz of the left (which is never intended as a compliment). It was just this week, in fact, that a new group of “centrist” Democrats, “The New Democrat Coalition,” announced its plans to keep control of the party out of Warren’s hands. It’s all very predictable; but if you’re familiar with Warren’s views and her record, it simply doesn’t make sense.

More here.

My hope is that, one day, establishment figures in DC will begin to respond to what Warren actually has to say, instead of running to the fainting couch, smelling salts embedded deeply in nose, proclaiming endlessly "Oh my, oh my!" Bunch of wussies. Scared to death of fair debate.