Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail address at State reinforces everything people don’t like about her

From the Washington Post:

The New York Times' report Monday night that Hillary Clinton never used an official government e-mail address during her time as secretary of state, a possible violation of requirements for federal officials to archive their correspondence, is a perfect storm of political bad news for the soon-to-be presidential candidate.

Why? Because it reminds and reinforces for people many of the traits that they do not like in the Clintons while also suggesting a level of hubris that is very dangerous for someone who is the biggest non-incumbent frontrunner for a presidential nomination in modern political history.

More here.

This is serious. Hillary's got a LOT of explaining to do. And, regardless of her defense, it seems like she has to be either incompetent or up to something sinister, that is, stupid or evil. Neither scenario looks good for a presidential candidate.

Dealing with her husband's "bimbo eruptions" is political child's play compared to what she's facing right now.