Sunday, March 15, 2015

Natalie Maines Is Still Not Ready to Make Nice

From CMT:

Taking to her Twitter account Tuesday, Maines addressed the incident again, and it looks like she’s still standing her ground.

Just so you know,12 years ago today,over half of this country had lost their minds and some questioned my knowitallness.
More here.

This incident, probably more than any other single event, made crystal clear to me just how insane the nation had become after 9/11. I mean, it wasn't just this. Lots of other psycho stuff going on around the same time. But the blackballing of the Dixie Chicks probably symbolizes best the weird Stalinist and Orwellian attitudes embraced by Americans in their irrational and xenophobic terror.

I continue to be extraordinarily disappointed in my country by all that. We failed as a people.