Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Ohio’s Voter Fraud Investigation Finds Almost Nothing

From RH Reality Check:

Ohio Secretary Jon Husted’s office announced last week that his ongoing investigation into voter fraud has identified 27 people who are not citizens, but voted in Ohio elections. An earlier report by Husted’s office found that 17 “non-citizens” had cast ballots, adding up to a total of 44 illegally cast ballots since 2012.

Given these numbers, a mere 0.000006 percent of the 7.7 million registered voters in Ohio cast illegal ballots. Despite the miniscule numbers, Husted hailed the efforts as a success.

More here.

Here's what I wrote when I posted this article on facebook:

Just another reminder that Republican efforts to mandate voter ID laws in various states are not only totally full of shit in themselves, but also a cynical disenfranchisement of tens of thousands of minority voters.  It's also about cheating and circumventing democracy.

I'll be more straightforward:  1) Republicans are lying about voter fraud at the ballot box. 2) Republicans are depriving black and brown Americans of their right to vote. 3) Republicans know they can't win fair elections so they cheat.

As this latest study in Ohio, among numerous other studies, shows, there is virtually no voter fraud of the variety Republican voter ID laws would ostensibly prevent.  What little fraud that actually does exist is so inconsequential that it wouldn't affect any elections one way or the other.  So Republicans are just lying about this.  Totally lying.

And they're doing it so they can steal elections and keep black people from voting.  So they're both anti-American and racist when they do this evil shit.

Conservatives, if you're going to try to argue with me on this, please try to have some real arguments and real evidence, okay?  Fox News is fine, but it has to be a real article, citing real studies and data.  But good luck on this; there are no studies showing significant amounts of voter fraud.  Really, you've already lost the argument before you've even started.

But I will listen to you make a fool of yourself if you like.