Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Statehouse Republicans embarrass Indiana. Again.

From the Indianapolis Star op-ed section:

Let's call it what it is. It's discrimination wrapped up in a legislative bow. It's divisiveness painted as something holy. It's tired and cynical politics weakly masked as a principled stand.

Sure, it is cleverly labeled with a market-tested name (the Religious Freedom bill), but please don't be fooled: This is nothing more than a government endorsement of discrimination. Yes, in this land of liberty, our state's government is prepared to push into law a measure allowing one group of people to tell others that they are not equal and not welcome at their businesses.

More here.

I feel oppressed every time some Churchie McChurch hassles me for saying "god damn it." But I don't think we should pass a law making me free to say "god damn it" without being hassled. That's basically what this is about, but for Churchie McChurch instead of me. For that matter, how is this even slightly Biblical? Jesus broke bread and associated with all manner people, saints and sinners alike. Except for politicians. It seems like he only associated with politicians when they were condemning him to death, which ought to tell us a lot about Mike Pence and Indiana Republicans.

Really, this is just shameful.