Thursday, April 09, 2015

Chris Rock Takes A Selfie After Cops Pull Him Over For The 3rd Time In Less Than 7 Weeks

From HuffPo:

Chris Rock took a selfie after being pulled over by police while driving Tuesday, marking the third time in seven weeks he's posted while being stopped by a cop.

Rock posted the photo to his social media accounts early Tuesday, writing: "Stopped by the cops again wish me luck." In the shot, the comedian can be seen behind the wheel of a car with blue police lights shining through his rear window.

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No, it's not simply about economics these days, although there's clearly a great deal of overlap. And no, if you're white you really would NOT gladly trade places with a rich and famous black man like Chris Rock--millions of dollars are simply not worth the ongoing indignity and oppression. Racism is real. It exists. It is far more widespread and insidious than most white people will allow themselves to believe.

I bet one of you racism deniers is going to try to tell me that this is because he's always speeding or something stupid along those lines. I mean, like ALWAYS. White racism deniers ALWAYS try to come up with reasons that the black guy had it coming. White racism deniers ALWAYS deny racism.

You know what? Denying racism IS racism. Cut that shit out.