Sunday, April 05, 2015

Fox News Kicks Off 2014 Coverage Of The "Unholy War On Easter"

Media Matters has a nice clip of Fox News trying to establish a new right-wing meme, the "War on Easter."  Just as absurd of the "War on Christmas."  I mean, it's just a woman from the Freedom from Religion Foundation explaining why they feel it's important to match public property displays of religious symbols with their own displays.  Same old thing.  And now it's a "war."

Click here for the silly video.  Here's what I said about it on facebook:

So we're supposed to be at war with Easter now, too? Why don't the liberal sites I frequent ever tell me about this stuff? Why must I have to go to Fox to learn what I'm supposed to be doing as a liberal? I tell ya, lefty internet writers better pick up their game and start telling me about these kinds of things. I'm getting sick of Fox scooping them.