Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sweden’s feminist foreign minister has dared to tell the truth about Saudi Arabia. What happens now concerns us all

From the Spectator:

Outside Sweden, the western media has barely covered the story, and Sweden’s EU allies have shown no inclination whatsoever to support her. A small Scandinavian nation faces sanctions, accusations of Islamophobia and maybe worse to come, and everyone stays silent. As so often, the scandal is that there isn’t a scandal.

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It's far easier to pick on a disenfranchised and oppressed minority in your own country than it is to take on the God King Emperor of oil, and all the industrialized democracies who kiss his ring, no matter what his foul practices are. That is, "Je suis Charlie" was something of a sick, f'd up, and cruel joke. This is the real deal. And this brave woman will, in all likelihood, lose her career for her display of integrity and morality.

Our supporting the Saudis is dealing with the Devil, as sure as our support for Israel is. But the oil. Oil, oil, oil. We're choking on it in more ways than one.