Sunday, May 24, 2015


I posted the video below on facebook yesterday with this accompanying text:

This is what conservatives defending Josh Duggar look like.

In the comment thread, a friend suggested that the family deserves their privacy in this issue. Of course, I have problems with that. My response:

These people aren't simply public figures, though. They actively push harmful ideas to which, apparently, they do not adhere themselves. The Duggars are anti-gay--indeed, Josh's mother was only recently trashing transgendered people in Arkansas because they, she implied, molest children, and she said this fully aware of the fact that her son is a child molester. They're also "purity" people: if you have sex before marriage, you're "impure," like a bite of food passed from mouth to mouth, or some such, the kind of imagery "purity" people teach about sex.

Does this mean that Josh and his sisters are now filthy sluts because they gave it up before marriage? That's the kind of shit they push on the nation.

If they were private citizens, not leaders telling everybody how they ought to live their lives, yeah sure, I'd probably agree with you. But that's just not the case. When you put yourself out there as "people of God," you'd better damned well act like a person of God, or you're just a sleazy snake oil salesman, who needs to be tarred and feathered.

And speaking of Josh, you know that until this scandal broke, he was a really big deal in the Family Research Council, a major fundamentalist political organization, which is why there are so many pictures of him with GOP presidential hopefuls. But he's a child molester. One who was "punished" by the "lecture" of a convicted collector of child pornography. This is totally fucked up.

For that matter, have his sisters/victims even gotten any therapy? How are they doing? Are they cool with the whole thing? How the hell could they be cool with the whole thing? They were betrayed by their family in the most horrible way. And nobody seems to give a shit.
'Nuff said.