Thursday, June 11, 2015

Party host: Racist white people started McKinney melee before calling police on black kids

From Raw Story:

Neighbors are defending police who chased black teenagers at gunpoint and tackled a girl wearing a bikini after breaking up a party at a community pool over the weekend in McKinney, Texas.

But one homeowner and her daughter say those neighbors confronted some teens when they went outside and began taunting them and their guests with racial slurs before starting a fight.

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There was no mob. 

The only fight was the one started by the racist whites who ended up calling the cops.  The vast majority of the teens attending the party lived in the neighborhood and had passes to be there--apparently, the fence-jumping gate crashers were a tiny, tiny minority.  The single arrest made resulted in the charges being dropped.  One of the 911 callers, who was in the company of the racists who started the fight, has a conviction for animal torture on his record, you know, the kind of stuff serial killers have on their records.

The McKinney swimming pool debacle is exactly what it appears to be to all honest observers: a white freakout, provoked by actual overt white racists, about too many black people being at the bourgeois pool.

If you believe anything else about this event, you have been duped, probably once again, by the white supremacist attitudes deeply embedded in American culture which make most white people blame black people first, always, all the time, regardless of the facts.

Stop being idiots and get on the right side of history.  You're doing the Devil's work, whether you think so or not.