Thursday, June 04, 2015

Scott Walker Shocker: Rape Pregnancies Only an Issue in 'Initial Months'

From AlterNet:

Turns out the Wisconsin gov, presidential aspirant is able to channel the consciousness of a rape or incest survivor. He knows, because he just does, that rape and incest survivors are only concerned about having an abortion  "in the initial months" of pregnancy, television station WKOW reported. After that, they're apparently overjoyed.

Walker was explaining why he is willing to sign a 20-week abortion ban without exceptions for rape or incest.

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Walker doesn't know a damned thing about being raped, and his callous attitudes about it make him clearly a total misogynistic scum bag. There is a special place in Hell for him.

But you've got to give him credit for his consistency.

If I understand correctly, among pro-lifers the majority position is to ban all abortions except for cases of rape or incest. Well, isn't that nice of them? They assert that abortion is murder, which is why it should be banned, but they're just fine with murder if the pregnant woman behaved in what they consider to be a sexually virtuous way.

That's why I don't take most of the pro-life movement seriously. That's why I think they don't give a rat's ass about "murder." No, what deeply concerns them is sluts. It's all about the sluts. Sluts, sluts, sluts. They're so into sticking it to the sluts that they're just fine with abortion for women who aren't sluts. I mean, screw the "murdered babies." That's not the problem. The problem is women having sex of which the "pro-life" movement doesn't approve.

Otherwise, they'd take Walker's position. No abortion, no exceptions. Because a fetus is a "baby," a real live "human being." Regardless of the pregnant woman's sexual behavior.

Of course, I don't buy any of that shit at all, myself. Abortion isn't murder. And the only real issue about this is who gets to decide what happens inside one's own body, the government or the individual.

I take scum bags like Walker, however, more seriously. At least, his position is consistent with his stated view. I mean, he really is a total piece of woman-hating shit. But he's putting his money where his "pro-life" mouth is.

Unlike most of the rest of his movement, who are totally full of it.