Wednesday, June 24, 2015


So what is Southern "heritage," anyway?

I'm not saying there's not such a thing. I'm just wondering what it means, exactly, when Confederate battle flag supporters say it's not about elevating the values of the Confederacy, but rather displaying their Southern "heritage." So just what is that?

I mean, we all talk about this as though we have something specific in mind, but I don't know that we're all on the same page with it. Is this kind of "heritage" about, what, loving our mammas? Is it about country music and pickup trucks? Is it about fried chicken and shotguns? Is it about saying "no, sir" and "yes, sir"? Is it about loving Jesus? Is it about supporting the military and loving your country?

Really, though, if displaying the Confederate battle flag is about loving America, I can think of another flag that's probably more suited to the task. But I digress. I'm very curious about what people think Southern "heritage" means when stripped of its historically traitorous, racist, oppressive, and barbaric aspects. I mean, you know, the blues, gospel, and jazz are Southern, too, but I don't think Confederate battle flag supporters are talking about that with the word "heritage."

But maybe they are, which makes me think of another question: why must Confederate battle flag supporters choose a symbol for Southern "heritage" which immediately excludes virtually all black Southerners? Wouldn't another, more inclusive symbol be better?