Thursday, June 18, 2015


From Wonkette, courtesy of Hullabaloo:

Fox News’s The Five had a little memory problem Monday, accusing the Department of Homeland Security of completely imagining that rightwing extremists pose any threat to U.S. Americans, because as we all know, the only real terrorists are the Islamic ones. Most of the panel dismissed the DHS’s recent report on the threat from “Sovereign Citizens” and other far-right groups as a pathetic attempt to avoid offending Muslims by pretending that anyone else does terrorism in U.S. America.

More here.

The shootings in Charleston are, it goes without saying, totally horrible. I'm not going to talk much about that, myself--lots of other people have that well covered, it seems. But I do think it's extraordinary important that we contextualize this event: it is, as one of my favorite bloggers, Digby over at Hullabaloo, notes, yet another example of right-wing extremist terrorism.


Yeah, yeah, I know that even talking about this is considered to be in very poor taste by conservatives, especially since the release of that Department of Justice report a few years ago about the very real dangers coming from right-wing terrorism. But whatever. I talk about global warming, poverty, labor, racism, and evolution, too, conversational topics which conservatives also find distasteful.

But that's what it is. That's what shooting up a black church is. Right-wing terrorism. And, according to the linked Wonkette blog post, it's been happening at the rate of about two or three attacks a year for the last half decade. So it's a very real problem, a deadly problem, and it belongs to conservatives. I mean, I suppose it's not so surprising that the American tribal group making guns, war, and capital punishment some of its central most ideas are going to have tribesmen who really, really, really take that seriously.

But that's basically what the deal is. If you're a domestic terrorist in the US, it's HIGHLY LIKELY that your politics are very conservative, I mean, FAR more likely than you being an Islamic terrorist.

And don't give me that eco-terrorist crap. The left hasn't engaged in any of this murderous shit since Patty Hearst. American terrorism is right-wing terrorism. And that's that.